Inger Tudor – Voice Talent

Evil of the American Empire
The Neighborhood (2019)
Shots Fired (series)
Jack Ryan (series)
Hanna (series 2019)
The Chi (series 2019)
The Neighborhood (series 2019)
Victoria & Abdul (film)
Thoroughbreds (film)
Tulip Fever (film)
The Equalizer (series)
Happy End (film)
Proud Mary (film)
Puzzle (film)
Alpha (film)
Welcome to Marwen (film)
Fall of the American Empire (film)
Yesterday (film)
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (film)
Guava Island (film)
This Is Personal (film)
Where’s My Roy Cohn (film)
The Photograph (film)

Inger Tudor grew up in Cincinnati, OH and Valencia, CA and attended Harvard College and Harvard Law School, where she enjoyed acting and directing, and political and cultural activism. After law school, she joined a Boston firm that closed shortly thereafter due to a failed merger. Realizing that she really wanted to be an actor, Inger got her SAG card in Boston doing commercials and industrials and then moved to New York, where she worked in voice-over and commercials, as well as performing in local and regional theatre and international tours. She moved to England for a year to study classical theatre at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Upon finishing her course, she returned to New York and then moved to Los Angeles where she has been blessed to play numerous roles on television and in film and theatre, as well as a range of voice-over roles from video game characters to the announcer on Divorce Court.

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