Frequently Asked Questions

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Who’s Audio Description for?

Audio Description is created for access for Blind and Low Vision users. But also, it can be helpful for audiences who need their eyes off the screen:
Headaches (close your eyes and keep watching)

Additionally, there are other uses for sighted audiences:

Language studies
Learning disabilities
Capturing things you may have missed

Why Professional talents?

Like listening to an audiobook, the voice talent makes a difference to each individual audience member. Sometimes you might be looking forward to hearing an audiobook from a favorite book, and the narrator just doesn’t work for you. Other times there might be a book you may never have heard about and a narrator reads it, and you wanna hear it! Audio Description voice talents for TV shows and movies are similar to that idea – that you may have different favorites than someone else, but you would like to know who’s who. Netflix recently required voice talent professionals (and companies and writers) to be identified at the end of each video ahead of the credits. We’d like to connect these many talents – writers, voice talents, engineers, editors, and advisors, to your favorite shows.

Why this website?

Here’s one place to list professional credits, as a database of shows and movies and the talents who create them. Some websites cover the shows and movies, this is to link the specific talents, and share some more professional and specific aspects of Audio Description.

Why now?

Advocating this work helps with inclusion, by education of Audio Description, particularly it’s existence! Here’s a place to share the shows and movies audio description talents have worked on, and other things you may find useful.