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New for November 2022 – How to update or submit credits on this site
October 2022 – Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast featuring a clip from Satauna from Netflix’s Seinfeld audio description, Melody Goodspeed (shout out to Inform and Connect), Thomas Reid of ReidMyMind, Roy Samuelson, and our own The ADNA Presents.

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The ADNA Presents: Volume I: Know Your Narrator

Video introduction with Satauna and Roy

The Audio Description Network Alliance is a hub of publicly accessible titles and talent of Audio Description, consolidated here, in conjunction with Audio Description Project’s publicly available resources.


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Why Audio Description Talent?

Audio Description talent are proud of their work and passionate about their contributions. Learn More

Why now?

There are many locations to learn what shows and movies have Audio Description. We work together to share with you the specific projects talent are working on, and hope you’ll follow along. Learn More

Audio Description Professional Talents

Audio Description enhances the viewing of tv shows and movies for blind and low vision audiences. The voice talents voice the visuals.

Voicing Audio Description is more than talking. It’s reading a script, set with timing, visual, and audio cues, most of which have a very specific pace to fit within the dialogue so it doesn’t interrupt. When characters have subtitles, audio description reads those too.

Connect the titles with the voice talent of Audio Description. Like audiobooks for books, where the narrator shares the story of the author, it’s very subjective. You may love a book, but not quite like the voice of a narrator of an audiobook. Or, you can hear a narrator, and actively search out content that narrator has read. So the Audio Description Network Alliance wants to help you link up the shows and movies they’ve done so you can follow along.

Our audiences have asked for this, so here it is. As this site continues to evolve, we ask for you to grow the content by contributing publicly available information on talent and the features and series they work on.


We encourage talent to submit their own titles (along with a brief bio), along with our audiences. Retweet and use #AudioDescription #KnowYourNarrator