About Us

The Approach

Connect your favorite Audio Description shows and movies with the professional talents. We put a name to the voice, writer, engineer, advisor, and more.

The Story

Every Audio Description talent comes from a different background, with a different perspective, and a different experience. Visit our narrators page for more info.

Meet the Team

We are putting together our Board, our advisors, and our members. Stay tuned.

Roy Samuelson, founder

Roy Samuelson has narrated Audio Description for thousands of television, feature, and streaming titles. He actively engages with the audiences, producers, vendors, and other narrators, along with writers, mix editors, and directors. His goal is connecting audio description audiences, creators, and talents to the entertainment industry, and continuing to shift the perspective on excellence in entertainment media, leading conversations about inclusion, and creating universally profitable opportunities for access.

Fred Brack, advisor

Fred Brack has been involved as an audio describer since 1999 when he retired from IBM. From 2003 to 2010 he was the webmaster for the Audio Description International website, which the ACB took over as the Audio Description Project (ADP) in May of 2010. Fred continues as the webmaster of that site, where he has amassed a listing of over 8500¬†audio described videos from TV, cinema, DVD, and streaming services, which he updates weekly. In addition, the site covers all aspects of Audio Description, both in the USA and Internationally. Fred is a graduate of Brown University. Here’s his Know Your Narrator Bonus episode interview

Kevin Thompson, advisor

Keven Thompson passed away in early 2020. He was a proud Audio Description connoisseur. He loved television shows and movies, and when he started using Audio Description, it saved him from having to look at the synopsis of a show. He knew the narrators names and follows them. Kevin had been instrumental in advocating for quality audio description narrators. He felt very strongly that having the ability to describe a show is a gift. He loved connecting blind and low vision audiences with narrators. Kevin joined Roy in creating, running, and facilitating the Audio Description Discussion group on Facebook, which has grown to include many decision makers, creative contributors, and influential audiences.

Timothy Wynn, technical advisor

Timothy Wynn is an Audio Description enthusiast. His primary focus is on delivery methods of AD, both on broadcast television as well as Video On-Demand platforms, and can assist in identifying and troubleshooting unforeseen issues with the passthrough of AD. He can accurately identify an AD vendor by just a few audio characteristics, e.g., audio ducking method and microphone technique, which can be of great help when an AD vendor or narrator is not explicitly credited. Timothy is also a member of the Media subcommittee of the Audio Description Project (ADP), and graduated from Florida International University. Hear his Know Your Narrator Bonus episode: