Tansy Alexander – Voice Talent

Animation Series and Shorts Cake Season 4 Close Enough Gabby Duran and The Unsittables Season 2 Hanazuki Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Llama Llama Orphan’s Benefit Ridley Jones DOCUMENTARY FILMS AND SERIES 40 Years A Prisoner 40 Years A Prisoner: Epilogue 537 Votes A Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez Asian Street Food Axios  Bake …

Sri Gordon – Narrator

Netflix –  American Symphony A Jazzman’s Blues Cheer Day Shift Descendant Entergalactic Hustle ONI: Thunder God’s Tale Squid Game The Adam Project The Closer The Midnight Club They Cloned Tyrone HBO –  Food Affair with Mark Wiens more than 50 additional titles coming soon Paramount Plus –  Good Burger 2 Tweets by gordon_sri

Bridget Melton – AD Narrator

Narrator Vice Principles (Max) Treme (Max) The Other Two, season 1 (Max) Harley Quinn Titans Flight of the Concords (Max) Young Sheldon, seasons 1-4 (Max) Batwoman (Max) The Comeback (Max) Divorce (Max) Looking (Max) Kung Fu (Max) Hello Ladies (Max) Rick and Morty, season 6 (Max) Bridget Melton is an award winning audio describer, most …

Caitlyn Elizabeth – narrator

Blonde Intrusion True Blood (multiple seasons) Best of Stand up 2020 (Netflix) http://caitlynelizabeth.net imdb Caitlyn is from a small town in southern Indiana where she grew up surrounded by the arts. Theater and music shaped her former years, and after graduating from Indiana University with a Studio Art degree, she moved to California to make …

Saffron Henderson – narrator

Spy Kids (series)Free Rein (Netflix series)Mercury 13 (Netflix documentary)Crip Camp (Netlix documentary)Narcos (documentary mini-series)All or Nothing (documentary series)Californication (Showtime series)Miss Americana (Taylor Swift documentary)Jim Gaffigan Comedy Monster (feature)Luke Bryant: My Dirt Road Diaries (documentary series)The Adventures of Paddington (series)Cobra Kai (subtitles)Historic Canada “Braille Machine Inventor” (CBC documentary)Junior Baking Show (series)Happyish (Showtime series)Princess Switch 2 (feature)Princess …

Lin Gallagher – Voice Talent

Feature film: “Against the Ice” 2022 Feature film: “Operation Mincemeat” 2021 Feature Documentary “Cow” 2021 Ferrari. Race to Immortality-Amazon Prime The Surgeon’s Cut (4 episodes)-Netflix To Catch a D*ck, London Hughes Comedy Special-Netflix www.voiceoverbritain.com https://pro.imdb.com/name/nm5261146?s=c0bf94ed-94aa-0ea2-63bc-3ee608fed57f&site_preference=normal   LinkedIn : (British) Los Angeles VO actress Lin GallagherFacebook: Lin Gallagher

Esther Thibault

Big Block Sing Song (all the episodes on CBC TV) TVO: (various episodes of several programs) Hope for Wildlife  Paw Patrol Political Blind Date Life Sized City For John Hauber DV: sample of the movie “Freshman Father” Website