Saffron Henderson – narrator

Spy Kids (series)
Free Rein (Netflix series)
Mercury 13 (Netflix documentary)
Crip Camp (Netlix documentary)
Narcos (documentary mini-series)
All or Nothing (documentary series)
Californication (Showtime series)
Miss Americana (Taylor Swift documentary)
Jim Gaffigan Comedy Monster (feature)
Luke Bryant: My Dirt Road Diaries (documentary series)
The Adventures of Paddington (series)
Cobra Kai (subtitles)
Historic Canada “Braille Machine Inventor” (CBC documentary)
Junior Baking Show (series)
Happyish (Showtime series)
Princess Switch 2 (feature)
Princess Switch 3 (feature)
Walking With Herb (feature)
To All The Boys PS I Still Love You (feature)
The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann (mini series)
Horse Girl (feature)
Californication (series)
Dogs (series -episode 204 only)
Waffles & Mochi (Netflix series)
New Suns Essays #2, #4
The Christmas Chronicles (feature)
Fatima in Kabul (documentary subtitles)
Homeland (subtitles)
Exhibitionists (CBC series, episode 512)
Wild Canadian Weather with David Suzuki (CBC)
Google Conversations
Tuca & Bertie (series)
The Affair (feature – subtitles)
Just Another Immigrant (documentary series)
Episodes (Showtime series)
Tiger Tail (feature)
Shadow Trap (feature)
Grand Army (series – subtitles)
Love Guaranteed (feature)
Rebel War Witch (feature – subtitles)
Incendies (feature – subtitles)
Chesapeake Shores (about 5 episodes in season 5)

If you’ve had the tv or radio on in North America during the last few decades, you’ve heard Saffron Henderson. Inspired by rocker dad Bill Henderson, Saffron went pro at age seven, tap dancing in Rest Homes and bringing joy to children as the back end of a reindeer at Breakfast with Santa. Rest Homes led to theatres, nightclubs, overseas tours, film and tv, and landed her in the most womb-like place she could find…the studio! There, she’s built a solid VO career, recording for hundreds of major brands, narrating documentaries and tutorials, and voicing countless cartoon and video game characters. More recently, over the past several years, she’s enjoyed narrating film and tv audio description for low vision audiences. Saffron has been a Type 1 diabetic for 46 years of her life and has some changes in her eyes, so she is honoured to serve a community that she may one day join.

Saffron has appeared on animated series like My Little Pony, Barbie, Slugterra, and X-Men. Fave roles include young Goku and Gohan for Dragonball and Dragonball Z, Oxnard on Hamtaro, Kentaro on World Trigger, and a sweet singing Unicorn named Kleo. Video game credits include Sponge Bob, Neo Pets, The Punisher, Saints Row, Bratz, and Everquest. Saffron is still close to her roots, singing on jingles, soundtracks, albums, and projects like the Calgary Stampede, Olympics and Legoland. This experienced communicator loves to speak, sing, write, and cheer on students developing their talents.

Tik Tok: @saffronvoice

IG: @saffron.voice