Thomas Reid – Voice Talent

Google Commercials – Audio Narration
An Octopus Story
A CODA Story

Rap Sh!t

Look At Me

Imagination Video Books – Audio Narration
Cleo and the Climate
The Brave Little Crab
Reach for the Stars, Girl

Netflix – Audio Description
A love Song for Latasha
Biggie: I got a story to tell
Cops & Robbers
Mike Epps
Oprah & Viola
The Tinder Swindler
Race: Bubba Wallace
Selling Tampa
Skin Decision Before and After
Snoop Dogg Comedy Special

Untold Series: Season 1
Malice at the Palace
Deal with the Devil
Caitlyn Jenner
Breaking Point

Untold Series: Season 2
The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist
Crime & Penalties
The Rise and Fall of And1
The Race of the Century
Operation Flagrant Foul

Helen Keller

The Chi Season 5

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