Tanja Milojevic – Voice Talent

AD Credits
Audio Eyes:
Client: OH FD CO SQ. Film: Our Friend.
Film: Moffie.
Client:Johnson Production group.Film: A Predator Returns Stalkers Prey 3.
Client: IFC. Film: Dating in New York.
Client: Vitac, ABC. Series: To Tell The Truth. Episode: 602.
Client: ICI video. Short Film: Disability Culture Rap.
Disability Festival Client: Art Beyond Sight. 14 short films: 4 Wheel
City THANK YOU, 4 Wheel City The Movement  Lower Thirds, Actionplay
Thirds, Blind Boys of Alabama Singing Brings Us Closer, EVAN RUGGIERO
BARBED WIRE KISS, Gaelynn Lea 2 Songs, Gaelynn Lea Bird Song, GAELYNN
LEA Jeff Tweedy intro, Gha’il Rhodes Benjamin GLOBALIBATIONS, Kelly
Clarkson I Dare You CAPTIONED, and Marilee Talkington MAC Access
Acting Academy, Rollettes We Can Together.
Client: Century College OH FD CO SQ. Film: West Beirut.
Client: BRON Real IDs. Short Promos: Travel Fed for IL and NJ.
Film: 6 Minutes to Midnight (Astrid, Classroom Girl 2 and Nice Girl subtitles).
Client: Algerien Rachida Film: Rachida (Rachida subtitles).
Film: Monday 24fps. (woman 1, Chloe and Juliet subtitles).
Film: As I Open My Eyes (Vera subtitles).
Film: Undine Mezz (Undine Subtitles).
Film: The way he looks (Karina and Girl subtitles).

International Digital Center:
Client: Netflix. Series: Song Exploder.
Client: Netflix. Film: Tick, Tick… Boom!
Short Film: Pew Pew Pew!
Client: ReelAbilities. Short Films: A Critter Fable, Beautiful, and Free Bird.

X Tracks:
Client: Netflix. Series: Penguin Town.
Client: Netflix. Series: The Apprentice, One Championship Edition.
Film: Hold your breath. The Ice Dive (Johanna Nordblad subtitles).

Radio drama companies: Fool and Scholar Productions, Graphic Audio, No
Sleep Podcast, Edict Zero, Campfire Radio Theater, The Grey Rooms,
Strange Love Podcast, Story More, Greater Boston, 11th Hour Challenge.
Cream of the crop projects can be found on my website’s portfolio
Video Games: The Vale from Falling Squirrel
Audible ACX Projects: “Paper Heart”, “Baby Teeth”, and various audio
drama work for Graphic Audio. All audible titles I’ve worked on can be
found here. https://www.audible.com/search?searchNarrator=Tanja+Milojevic

My name is Tanja Milojevic and I’m a Boston-based character voice
actor offering a soothing alto tone and natural delivery that sits
well in a mix. I’ve been bringing characters to life in audio dramas
for over a dozen years and I enjoy laying down a narration track or
two for audio descriptions (leveling the playing field for blind and
visually impaired audiences). My range with accents allows me to lend
my voice to characters in all walks of life (from child to adult); I
voice all sort of fun roles (from AI, to goddess, to soldier, and

Social Media Links:
Visit my website at https://www.tanjamvoice.com/
Find me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tanja.milojevic.37
Check out my linked in profile at