Fiona Marrello – Narrator

Downton Abbey S2 

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Go Karts 

Izzy’s Koala World S1 

Love On The Spectrum S1 

Romance on the Menu 

The Dog House  

The English Game S1 

My deep passion for the craft of storytelling stems from early childhood. An avid reader by the age of 4, (when I also created an alternative storybook character name for myself) I would amuse my friends with wild tales of various characters living in tunnels under our house! Since those times, I have traversed the corners of the storytelling landscape and studied its many forms. Years of performing in every possible school play led to undertaking and obtaining a degree in Arts/Law at the University of NSW in Australia, thus taking my first steps towards a lifetime immersed in stories. It was not the legal storytelling however but the English drama major that pulled at my heartstrings and that gave me the wisdom to realize law was not the right forum for me. Moving on to study acting and voice for several years was a gift that allowed my passion for storytelling to truly blossom. Working with scripts, cold reading, vocal coaches/accents and theatre training over several years has deepened my understanding of voice clarity, pitch and tone. I am now easily able to convey a wide range of moods with my voice, taking account of small but important differences to create a highly nuanced performance.   

When my daughter started Kindergarten in 2017 I decided it was time to re-enter the workforce, this time in Vancouver. I was wonderfully fortunate and landed both a position with Descriptive Video Works in Vancouver as one of their narrators, and a voice agent at Premiere Talent. This combination has lit a fire in my belly to delve further into the unique world of narration and Described Video. I produce audiobooks from my home studio and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with creative storytellers worldwide, to help bring all manner of stories to life through my voice, thereby making them accessible to anyone at any time.

Voice Talent for Descriptive Video Works 

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