Elliot Schiff (Eli Schiff) – Narrator

TV shows:

Succession (HBO – 3 seasons)
The White Lotus (HBO)
Growing Up Animal (Disney+)
School of Chocolate  (Netflix)
Country Ever After  (Netflix)
Away (various character subtitles)  (Netflix)
The Great Debate (Syfy)
Absurd Planet  (Netflix)
The Healing Powers of Dude  (Netflix)
Marriage or Mortgage (Netflix)

Survivor (Lionsgate)
100% Wolf (NBC Universal- animated)
Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back (TV movie)
Christmas Land (Lionsgate)
Chaos (Lionsgate)
Carol (Lionsgate)   
The Bank Job (Lionsgate)  
I’m Thinking of Ending Things (Netflix) 
I Am Not Alone (various character subtitles) (Netflix)
Alleycats (Lionsgate)  
Never Back Down  (Lionsgate)  
The Whole Truth  (Lionsgate)   

Stand-Up Comedy Specials:
Brian Regan
Pete Davidson




Eli is an award-winning voice actor. He has worked in many genres of voicoever, including Audio Description, Commercials (Google, Uber, Arco), Promo (DisneyXD, Disney Jr.), Video Games (Genshin Impact, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Trials of Mana, Afterparty), eLearning, audiobooks and more! After living in LA for about 15 years, Eli and his family (wife, and three young children) moved back east and currently reside in New Jersey.