Dave Porcellino – Audio Engineer

300: Rise of an Empire
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
A Question of Faith
American Dad
Angry Birds 2
Bad Boys 2
Beyond the Reach
Big Bang Theory
Bob’s Burgers
Cold Pursuit
Criminal Minds
Dark Knight Rises
Family Guy
Good Boys
Honey Boy
Live Free or Die Hard
Little Women
Mad Max: Fury Road
Malcolm in the Middle
Mozart in the Jungle
New Girl
No Country for Old Men
Scream Queens
Star Trek: Beyond
The Godfather
The Imitation Game
The Other Guys
Veggie Tales
Wayward Pines
Wrath of the Titans
X-Men: First Class
X-Men: The Last Stand

Dave began his career in audio studying at the L.A. Recording School in 1987.  Before becoming a freelance mixer for many of the largest broadcast and cable networks, he worked for years in post-production handling all aspects of video editing, duplication, and facility management in New York and Los Angeles.  In addition to his work as an audio mixer, he also created and taught a ProTools mixing class for Moviola. Dave has been fully immersed in audio, and Audio Description, helping WGBH implement procedures, and best-practices for their AD department. For the past 18 years, Dave has worked for CBS handling the on-air promo mixing for Judge Judy, as well as Hot Bench, and still works with WGBH handling recording and mixing of their Audio Description services.


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