Briggan O’Bryan – voice talent

Possessions (Series 8 ep) HBOMax
Beware The Slenderman (Documentary) HBO
Perfect Life (Series 8 ep) HBOMax
Selling Sunset Season 5 (Series 11 ep) Netflix
Crush/alt Shattered (Feature) Netflix
The Weekend Away (Feature) Netflix
In From The Cold (Series 8 ep) Netflix
Night Teeth ( Feature) Netflix
Turning Point : 911 & The War On Terror (Series 8 ep) Netflix
Sweet Girl ( Feature) Netflix
Ice Road (Feature) Netflix
Sex/Life (Series 8 ep) Netflix
I Am All Girls (Feature)
Thunder Force (Feature) Netflix
The Midnight Sky (Feature) Netflix
Echoes (Series) Netflix
May December (Feature) Netflix

That voice you hear…