Promotion! The ADNA Presents: Vol I

Hi! Roy here, in my recording studio, wearing a pinkish pullover with short hair and slightly scruffy face. I’m excited to share with you that volume one of The ADNA Presents is now available on kindle. It’s a collection of more than a dozen of the interviews from the podcast, adapted into text form. It’s available now: The ADNA presents: Volume I: Know Your Narrator. In a few days, Satauna and I are officially announcing it, but meantime, I’d like to offer you something. On this social media, and two others, I’m randomly gifting one free download from Kindle. Here’s how to be considered for the gift:

Share your favorite podcast episode of The ADNA presents,

share why it’s your favorite, and

use the hashtag know your narrator.


On Tuesday we’ll go through and randomly pick the recipient. But if you don’t want to wait, the link is here to download right now. Again, our official announcement with Satauna comes soon!