Angela Gooliaff – Voice Talent

Shows: DOTA: Dragon’s Blood S2, S3 Dogs In Space S1 Gabby’s Dollhouse S4, S5 Math Party S1 Kung Fu Panda S1 Saturday Morning All Star Hits S1 Oddballs S1 Angela Gooliaff Bio Voice Talent for Descriptive Video Works. ( Angela is a children’s book illustrator and actor residing in Vancouver, Canada. She holds an Visual …

Lesley Tsina – Narrator

Motown Magic Seasons 1 and 2 (narrator) Disenchantment – Seasons 1-4 (narrator) Life in a Day 2020 (narrator, female subtitles) The Bubble (narrator) Escape from Spiderhead (narrator) Better Things – Season 5 (narrator) Maggie – Season 1 (narrator) 13 Lives (female subtitles) IG: @lesley.tsina twitter @lesleytsina

Sabrina Mapp – Narrator

Brene Brown series: Atlas of the Heart American Gangster: Trap Queens – BET+ Season 3 episode 2 (Candace Wilson) episode 6 (Sydia Bagley) episode 7 (Lonett Cookie Williams) episode 9 (Tracie Dickey) episode 10 (Demi Mimi Harrison) College Hill: Celebrity Edition – BET+ First Wives Club Season 3 – BET+.  

Tanja Milojevic – Voice Talent

AD Credits Audio Eyes: Client: OH FD CO SQ. Film: Our Friend. Film: Moffie. Client:Johnson Production group.Film: A Predator Returns Stalkers Prey 3. Client: IFC. Film: Dating in New York. Client: Vitac, ABC. Series: To Tell The Truth. Episode: 602. Client: ICI video. Short Film: Disability Culture Rap. Disability Festival Client: Art Beyond Sight. 14 …

Heather Foster – Narrator

Heather has been a voice actor for 6 years. She has worked in lots of different genres such as audio description, promos, trailers, video games and commercials. Heather and her husband, Kendal, have 4 kids (2 of them have four legs!) and they live in Houston, Texas. Website: